10 Ways to Kickstart the School Year

Beat stress and start the school year energised, organised and ready to learn!


Most kids in the US and UK are back in the classroom already or about to go back this week. This year, motivate kids by making the return to school a time for enjoyment and learning. These fun and easy ideas should help you get the kiddos revved up and ready for maximum learning success.

1. Stock Up on Brain Food

Supercharge kids’ menu with the best foods for learning. Including protein at breakfast keeps energy levels stable and supports brain function. Smoothies and eggs are easy to prepare in advanced. Eggs, spinach and avocado are all brain-boosting choices. Check out Modern Parents Messy Kids for more tips on which foods to choose plus some tasty recipe ideas including a healthy taco dinner.

2. The Back-to-School Fairy

Check out this family’s cute tradition of the back to school fairy. A fun way to celebrate going back to school, this involves leaving a package on the doorstep from the back-to-school fairy containing school supplies.

3. Sweet Dreams

A neat alternative to giving cards, this creative pillowcase idea is fun and thoughtful. Using a plain white pillowcase and some fabric markers, write your back-to-school messages on the pillowcase for kids to read before bed.

4. Fun School Facts

These fun and interesting school facts include the number of yellow buses taking kids to school, how many crayons we get through and how many kids go to the biggest school in the world. Considering what it’s like to go to school in other countries is a good way for kids to put things in perspective. For example, did you know that in Chile, summer vacation lasts from mid-December to early March?

5. Try a Little Magic

If your child is going to school for the first time, this magic dust idea is a cute way to calm fears. Kids get a poem and some magic dust to place under their pillow the night before school to help them feel brave.

6. Apple Jokes for Kids

Lighten the mood and give your kids something to giggle about before you send them off in the morning with these classic apple-themed jokes. They also make great lunch box notes!

7. Photo Shoot

Capture first day memories and make kids feel special with a back-to-school photo shoot. Get crafty with kids and make a picture frame in the shape of an apple or bus. Have fun including your child’s grade or school year in the photo – by writing in chalk on the floor or printing it on a sign. Check out these ideas in our awesome photo ideas Pinterest board.

8. Top 5 Back-to-School Apps for Parents

Don’t forget that back-to-school is a challenging time for you as well as your kids! Get organised and make life easier with our selection of apps for parents.

9. Lunch Box Inspiration

Whether or not you have time to get creative with crazy sandwich shapes, these lunch boxes are healthy, heartwarming and just what kids need to keep them going throughout the school day.


10. Cool Teacher Gifts

The best teacher gifts are either cute, useful, or tasty. For gifts you can make with kids, go for a pencil pot made of pencils or apple-shaped cookies. If you’re short on time, a pretty personalised gift tag will dress up a simple bought gift. Check out these ideas and plenty more on our cool Teacher Gifts Pinterest board.

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