6 Ways to Find Good Kids Apps

If you’re a parent interested in kids educational apps, then you’ve taken a step towards supporting your child with an amazing new technology.

Trouble is, not all apps were created equal and there are a lot of them. You probably don’t have spare hours to pre-screen a mountain of apps to find the good ones with real learning benefits.

So, to help you occupy your little learner, here are our top sources for finding decent apps…


1) App Suggestion Products

Products such as YogiPlay and Kindertown automatically deliver personalized app recommendations based on your child’s needs. They can save time and provide added benefits such as progress tracking. Better Apps has a handy tool for searching pre-assessed apps based on subject area and age group.


2) YouTube

Quick demos and reviews make YouTube a good hunting ground. There are plenty of reviews from app publishers, parents and even kids. Crazy Mike is an enthusiastic app reviewer, Appy Smarts provides a good monthly selection and the Kids Best iPad Apps channel also has some good reviews.


3) App Review Sites

Good app review sites offer scores based on sensible criteria and group apps into helpful categories. Some of our favourites are:

Appo Learning
Educational App Store
Educational Apps For Sale
Smart Apps For Kids
Appy Mall
Best Apps For Kids


4) Parenting Sites

There are some great sites for parents that have done the work for you by selecting their top kids apps. We recommend:

Babble’s Top 50 Kids Apps
Cool Mom Tech’s Apps For Kids
Best Apps For Young Children on Parent Dish


5) Other Parents

Great apps usually get shared by word of mouth and the popular Toca Builders is a perfect example. There’s often no better endorsement than from another parent. That’s how we found out about Bugs and Numbers (numeracy), Endless ABC (spelling and vocab) and The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore (a lovely story book app).


6) Teachers

We know teachers are busy, but if you know a tech-savvy teacher they should be able to suggest some good apps. Failing that, check out the teacher-reviewed apps on Teachers With Apps. Our teacher team has recommended Motion Math Zoom (interactive number lines), Toontastic (a story-making tool) and Avokiddo Emotions (social emotional learning).


Happy app hunting and let us know if you find any other good ways to find apps!