Back to School – Get Ready for Success

10 ways to prepare your child for a happy, successful and smooth return to school.


Amid the scramble to get new uniforms, pencil cases and lunch boxes, don’t forget to prepare you child for the new year ahead. These simple steps will make sure kids are calm, focussed and switched on so they have the best chance of successful learning.

Kickstart another academic year and sail through the start of school with these gems.

Happy girl on beach

1. End of Summer Reflection

A cool way to mark the end of summer is to take some time to reflect and capture memories. These parent bloggers have some nice ideas for reflection plus five easy ways to remember summer.

2. Make a Time Capsule

Making a time capsule is a fun, creative and hands-on activity that kids love. Check out our awesome Time Capsule Pinterest Board for ideas.

Coloured paper strips3. Back-to-School Countdown

This simple paper chain craft is a great way to count the days and help your kids get to grips with the transition from summer to school. Here are some great step-by-step ideas from crafty parent bloggers Brassy Apple and Suburban Mom.

Sad school boy4. Keep Fears in Check

It’s common for kids to worry about bullying and being apart from family. Dealing with change, unfamiliar people and a new environment all make it hard to focus on learning. Make sure nerves don’t spiral out of control by adding some relaxation time to kids’ routines. Stress Free Kids is a great resource for research-based techniques specifically designed for children.

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5. Books About Going to School

These book suggestions will help kids mentally prepare themselves for going back to school. Kids’ reading skills will get refreshed at the same time. Reading together also provides a great opportunity to talk things through.

6. Top 5 Brain Boosting Back-to-School Apps

Check out this blog post for our top 5 brain boosting apps to get kids back into the swing of structured learning. 

Gold alarm clock7. Get Into the New Routine Early

Get mornings running smoothly and help kids to adjust by starting their new routine a few days early. These handy Kids’ School Routine Printables will help you implement a new routine with minimum fuss.

8. Back-to-School Interview

A neat way to mark the annual return to school is with a quick interview. It’s fun to compare answers to the same questions year on year. This printable Interview Sheet is all you need.

Boy painting9. Update Kids’ Workspace

Give little learners the tools they need to succeed by refreshing their homework area. Having a dedicated space that’s inviting and uncluttered will help kids focus. From the frugal to the fabulous, our beautiful Kids Workspace Pinterest Board will inspire you!

Party Balloons10. Back-to-School Party

If all else fails, sweeten the deal with a celebration. School-themed snacks, games and decorations will make the whole thing seem a little bit more fun. Give them a great send off with these amazing Back-to-School Party Ideas.