10 Cool Science Apps

Keep your mini Einsteins busy this summer with our top 10 science apps!

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WWF Together Icon1. WWF Together

A beautiful interactive app about the world’s most amazing and endangered animals.

World of Goo Icon2. World of Goo

A fun game where you use goo to build things!

Amazing Alex Icon

3. Amazing Alex

Create ‘Mouse-Trap’ style chain reactions of moving objects.

Bridge Constructor Icon

4. Bridge Constructor

Practice a little physics and engineering in this bridge building app.

Science 360 Icon

5. Science360

A selection of images, videos and information on science and engineering topics from around the world.

Fun Science Lab Icon

6. Fun Science Lab

A series of fun experiment-based activities.

National Geographic Kids Icon

7. National Geographic Kids

A mobile edition of National Geographic Kids magazine. The first issue is free.

Meet the Insects Icon

8. Meet the Insects: Water and Grass Edition

Beautiful graphics and interactive features that encourage kids to explore critters.

Sprinkle Junior Icon

9. Sprinkle Junior

A fun physics-based game where you direct streams of water to complete challenges.

BBC's Walking With Dinosaurs Icon

10. BBC Earth’s Walking with Dinosaurs

Interactive 3-D graphics, narration and plenty of info on 60 different dinosaurs.




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