Why You Should Play Test Kids Apps


Ever feel frustrated by the poor quality of kids’ apps?

It seems like some apps have never been tested with real kids. Reassuringly, more great apps are standing out from the crowd. What good apps often have in common is play testing – where children play with apps so developers can find out what needs improving. We think more play testing definitely means better apps!

Make a Difference

Play testing also lets parents and teachers, the people truly invested in the quality of kids’ media, have their say as consumers. It’s an awesome way to help make better quality apps that really meet kids’ needs. In our play testing program, we’ve found that both adults and kids get a kick out of making a contribution and seeing how apps are made.

Three Ways to Join In

The Lighthouse Keepers is a closed Facebook group of tech savvy parents and teachers who give their 2 cents on everything from character names to pricing.

We play test every app with kids in our Brighton (UK) development studio. Our play testing sessions are informal and involve small groups of kids playing our apps and giving their feedback. Kids also tour the studio to find out about animation and coding – they even get to try recording voice over and storyboarding.

Home-based play testing is great for anyone with kids aged 7+ and access to an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. All you need to do is register your devices, download our beta apps and let us know how you get on. A new app is ready to play test approximately once a month.



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