Close Mathematics Learning Gaps This Summer

Stop your little learners from getting rusty over the summer break and send them back to the classroom with a head start.


This week our summer learning ideas target mathematics. Solving just 3 or 4 number problems per day can address learning gaps and boost skills.

Building learning into hands-on activities and daily life will keep things fun. Let us know how you get on and come back soon for our literacy ideas!

Summer Child Learning Math Apps1. Kids’ Mathematics Apps

Kids’ mathematics apps can be used to support drill and practice as well as deeper, more creative learning. Check out our top 10 apps for learning mathematics.

2. Number Art

Ask kids to choose a number and create it using outdoor items such as pebbles, blades of grass, flower petals or whatever their imagination comes up with.

Summer Kids Learning Math Hopscotch3. Hopscotch

Make a hopscotch grid in chalk and remember your own hopscotch experiences from childhood.

4. Outdoor Number Grid

Draw a grid using chalk. Write a number in each square. Challenge kids to collect and place the correct number of outdoor objects in each square.

Child Flower Summer Learning Math

5. Guess the Petals

Challenge kids to gather some flowers and estimate how many petals each flower has. Have fun pulling the flowers apart to count the petals.


Ice Cream Child Summer Learning Math

6. Ice Cream Poll

Poll kids favourite ice cream flavours and make a tally chart. Alternatively, make a tally of bird or animal sightings or take a walk and keep count of different coloured cars. Make the tally into a pie or bar chart.

Children Cooking Cakes Summer Learning Math7. Cooking

Cooking is a fantastic opportunity to sneak some number problems into daily life. Making a picnic or baking something together allows you to talk about measuring, numeracy, and estimation.

8. Build a Fort

This idea takes fort design to a new level. By incorporating blueprints and the use of a tape measure, you can talk about fractions, measuring, angles and area.

Children Earn Pocket Money Summer Learning Math9. Earn Money

Use earning pocket money as an opportunity to target numeracy and money skills. Break down small tasks to allow you to talk about multiplication e.g. if you feed the dog five times, how much will you earn? Keep track of tasks and earnings using a wall chart.

Baking cakes or cookies and selling them combines cooking and money into a mega learning opportunity. Kids can also get hands on experience of economic concepts like costs, sales and profit.

Children Road Trip Summer Learning Math10. Road Trip

Long car, coach or plane journeys might not be obvious opportunities for learning but with a little preparation you can keep kids occupied and learning at the same time. Challenge them with questions using distance, rate, time, budgeting, tax, or percentages.