Top 10 Mathematics Apps for the Summer

Boost kids’ brains before the start of school with our hand-picked selection of 10 apps for learning mathematics.


Bugs and Numbers Icon

1.Bugs and Numbers

18 number games with beautiful graphics and animated bugs galore!

Symmetry Shuffle Icon

2. Symmetry Shuffle

Symmetry puzzle games that support spatial reasoning in a pretty hand-drawn style.

Motion Math Zoom Icon

3. Motion Math Zoom

An interactive number line for learning place values including negatives and decimals.

Math Bingo Icon

4. Math Bingo

Simple and fun – classic bingo games combined with number problems using the four operations.

Mystery Math Town Icon

5. Mystery Math Town

A combo of drills and games where kids practice their skills to rescue the fireflies in Mystery Math Town.

Motion Math Hungry Fish Icon

6. Motion Math Hungry Fish

A fun adaptive addition and subtraction game with customisable fish.

Interactive Telling Time Icon

7. Interactive Telling Time

Learn to read a clock face and set the time with this colourful app. Lite and full versions available.

Learn Maths With Beluga Icon

8. Learn Maths with Beluga

A variety of activities for learning number and operations with some fun rewards.

Operation Math Icon9. Operation Math Code Squad

Multiplayer mission-based number game with a cool espionage theme.

Numbers League Icon

10. Number League

Retro superhero themed number game for practicing basic facts.

Some other recommended apps: Bank of England Virtual Tour, Dragon Box Algebra, and Math Evolve.

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