Top English Language Arts Apps for Summer Learning

Sneak in some summer learning with our hand-picked selection of kids apps for English language arts.

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1. Nosy Crow

Nosy Crow have a selection of attractive illustrated story apps including Little Red Riding Hood and the Rounds series about animal life cycles.


2. Endless Alphabet

By Callaway Digital Arts. This cool app helps kids improve  their vocabulary and spelling with cute animations and sounds.


3. iF Poems

By Clickworks Limited. Encourage a budding poet with these classic poems read aloud by well-known voices.


4. Mad Libs

By Penguin USA. Have fun filling in the blanks in stories to hilarious effect.


5. Poems by Heart

By Penguin USA. For age 9+, this app helps you learn classic poems by heart.


6. Words Mine

By Chiu Yung Tse. A simple but fun word game that helps kids practice spelling.


7. Visual Poetry

By Image Chef. Type in your words and arrange them to make a collage or mosaic-style visual poem.


8. Story Creator

By Alligator Apps. Have fun making your own narrated picture books. This is the most reliable and easy-to-use story maker app that we tested.


9. The Opposites

By Mindshapes. A fun word game app with great graphics that will help build vocabulary.


10. Rory’s Story Cubes

By Creativity Hub. Challenge your kids to create a story with 9 random images.


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